LibGDX scene2d game example code

LibGDX framework is one of the best game frameworks and it support development  games for android, web and java desktop that runs on Linux, Mac or Windows. I develop simple demo game that can be used as example for developing games based on LibGDX’s scene2d and actors, and box2d for physics. Read more→

Vodi računa o vodi

Vodi računa o vodi je aplikacija koju smo počeli da razvijamo za hakaton 2012 zajedno sa timom koji sačinjavaju još i Branislav Petković aktivista i idejni tvorac aplikacije i Siniša Komlenić jedan od najboljih dizajnera u Srbiji poznat po dizajnu tema za wordpress. Read more→

Slide This Puzzle Android and iOS game

Slide This Puzzle is a classic sliding puzzle game that challenges players to assemble a picture they chose from available galleries in game, or to take their own photo and play with it. There is also a possibility to choose the size of matrix, and play on “easier” levels, like 3×3 or 4×4, or to play as a hardcore puzzle-solver with 5×5 or even 6×6 matrices. Read more→

Anti-stress Exercise Android Application

Anti-stress Exercise application is a breathing exercise for naturally reduce stress. You need to follow the instructions on the screen and breathe accordingly. It contains a reminder that can be set to notify you three times a day when it’s time to exercise. Read more→

How to generate QR image

This HTML code generate QR image size 150x150px for link

	<title>QR Image</title>
<img src="" />


How to setup streaming server via VLC

This tutorial describe installation and configuration of VLC streaming server on Linux (IE Ubuntu). Linux server has no GUI and all setup goes thorough command line. Read more→