LibGDX scene2d game example code

LibGDX framework is one of the best game frameworks and it support development  games for android, web and java desktop that runs on Linux, Mac or Windows. I develop simple demo game that can be used as example for developing games based on LibGDX’s scene2d and actors, and box2d for physics.

In this game protagonist is falling from high level to the bottom. Camera following protagonist’s y-axis and user can move left on right in desktop version on keys A and D or using accelerometer on Android. Web version of game currently not working I will fix it in future release. Protagonist need to avoid platforms if he touch platform he will died and become grave.

There are also level editor and it is not completed yet and because of that I didn’t published code, but it is used to generate assets/data/level3.json file

Complete source code you can find on

You can try download jar and try desktop version on following link:

Run jar with command: java -jar libgdx-demo-game.jar

Download apk for Android:

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